Disclaimers of Hong Kong Building Inspection Association Web pages

The set up of this web page is aimed at the Hong Kong Inspection Building Inspection Association (the Association) to the members and the public information, the web page claimed that its information has no intention sufficiently comprehensive. And as the members of the Institute of industry in the relevant affairs exchanges. The Association doesn't assure all its information or views in the web page are precise and correct. The website information or points of view should not be used for your alternative source to the required professional advice for different projects. It is imperative to its own analysis to ascertain the information and viewpoints.

The Association to rely on His Excellency web page or views the information arising as a result not responsible for any loss. This page has provided hyperlinks to other web page, but does not mean that the society endorsed the web page. The Association won't responsible of any consequences for captioned information linking to related web page .