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Objective of the Association

The original intention for the Hong Kong Government’s old building inspection programme is positive in nature, in the sense that it encourages people to understand the kind of maintenance they need to fulfill building safety criteria. With respect to the window inspection issue, there are around 10,000 companies and practitioners who are classified as QP (Qualified Person) and recognized by the Government to perform window inspection. Nonetheless, there is still a short of supply of qualified building inspectors in the market. To cater actual needs, we suggest that the market could be separated by using flats as the unit. Professional AP(Authorized Person), RSE(Registered Structure Engineer) and surveyors could be responsible for building inspection and structure, and building inspectors, being the QP, could then be in charge of handling the apartments/ flats alone. Hong Kong Building Inspection Association has numerous members who can provide a lot of information and professional advice in order to assess the basic safety structure in a single housing, and solve different problems relating to home decoration works.
  • the Association to obtain QP as the goal;
  • to promote the vision of the Association to international level;
  • to serve the public in terms of monitoring reasonable building inspection charge;
  • to provide regular building inspection service to the minority group in need;
  • to visit national and overseas institute for technological exchange;
  • to set out the acceptance criteria for decoration of housing estates;
  • to set out the acceptance criteria for new building inspection;
  • to set out the acceptance criteria for old building inspection;
  • to conduct construction work quality verification.